Monday, July 12, 2010

RIP, Loki the Cat

Loki passed away suddenly yesterday from what I gather was a stroke and subsequent cardiac arrest.  I just want to take a moment to remember him while it's peaceful in the house.

I adopted him in April 1997 with his brother Apollo, an orange tabby, when I was living in Tokyo.  He was born to an English mother and a Japanese father.  The mother was owned by an English family who let her roam about the streets of Tokyo unspayed and later returned with her to England right after she had her litter, which they left behind with a friend.

Loki was all white with light green eyes and a semi-bobbed, crooked tail, which I attribute to his having a Japanese father, since there are many bobbed tailed cats in Japan.   He was the most gentle cat I have ever known.  All thirteen years of his life, I never heard him hiss.  The only times he bit were when he was playful.

Loki lived up to his name.  He was mischievous and stole food from us often.  No meal we prepared was safe from him if left unguarded for one minute.

He had a series of illnesses over the past few years, but he's finally pain-free now.

Apollo is sad today.  He walks around meowing loudly and comes to me often for solace.  We miss Loki.

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