Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Response to "Rent a White Guy" in The Atlantic Magazine

Earlier in the day, I posted a link in Facebook to the article "Rent a White Guy" from The Atlantic Magazine, and I just want to clarify a few things.  I didn't post it to show people that the Chinese are evil and dishonest.  The Western press has already done enough of that since the beginning of the Cold War.  I didn't post it to reaffirm stereotypes about China.

Yes, there are some very dishonest Chinese businesses out there, but, gosh, people, please look beyond the obvious.  Was this dishonesty appalling? Yes.  That's not really shocking news.  The irony here is how white men are treated like gods in China.  You don't even have to have any skills.  Just as long as you're  a white Caucasian male in a suit, they can use you. All the while, Americans think the Chinese are constantly working against America and the West.  Au contraire, they WORSHIP the West.  And if there are people they are working against, it's other Chinese people.

My point is that even Chinese people in the People's Republic of China do not seem to have pride in things Chinese.  They need to put a foreign stamp on it to elevate its worth.  When I posted this as a link, people seemed to have missed this point. 

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