Tuesday, February 03, 2009

ABSTRACTION NOW at the Firehouse Plaza Gallery at Nassau Community College

I was truly honored to be with 36 other chosen entries to participate in the show ABSTRACTION NOW, juried by Franklin Hill Perrell, Chief Curator at the Nassau County Museum of Art. The show was hosted by the Nassau Community College art department. What a beautiful gallery space it is!


As mentioned before, my painting AMERICAN ICONS 1: 492 DAYS was chosen among over 300 entries from across the US as well as Europe.

My mother took one hour off from her tax-season Saturday to attend the reception this past Saturday. My sister Vivian and brother-in-law Jonathan were also there. I didn't win any prizes, but I was just grateful and honored to have gotten in.

The show was very strong, and here is the list of works presented there:

Donald A. Budd -- Desert Stripes, acrylic.
Marc Deppe -- Spartan, mixed media on paper.
Matt Dibble -- Chased from the Market, oil on canvas.
Cathy Eckdahl -- Medea, gouache/ink.
Sam Faix -- Ten Foot Wall, oil on panel.
Matthew Farina -- Thatch, oil/canvas.
Richard Gachot -- Action-Reaction, animated sculpture. BEST IN SHOW.
Richard Gachot -- Drip, acrylic.
Eric Galandak -- Most, oil.
Richard Garrigus -- August Field, oil on panel.
David Gerlach -- Zephr, steel.
Lawrence Glickman -- Neruda Song 1, acrylic.
William Grabowski -- Celestia, digital photo.
Ruth Hamill -- Ocean Breeze, oil on raw canvas.
Eleanor Himel -- Jones Beach Sunday, acrylic. AWARD OF EXCELLENCE.
Wei-An Huang -- Within and Without #3, acrylic on canvas.
Greg Ike -- Orchid, acrylic on canvas. HONORABLE MENTION AWARD.
Kenneth Kaplowitz -- Adam Names The Fish, pigment print
Peggy Klineman -- The Tree Outside My Building, oil on canvas.
Jon Leach -- Local Commerce, mixed media.
Adrienne Leban -- 5.31.07, mixed media.
Gili Levy -- Piano, oil and paper on canvas.
Jonathan Levy -- Peacock, acrylic on canvas. HONORABLE MENTION AWARD.
Richard Margolies -- Dream Catcher, acrylic.
Milt Masur -- Flowerbed in Anchorage, enamel bas-relief. HONORABLE MENTION AWARD.
Kevin Mertens -- Spider-Rabbit, mixed media on panel. HONORABLE MENTION AWARD.
Puneeta Mittal -- Pluripotent XXXII, oil on panel. AWARD OF EXCELLENCE.
Marcie Paper-- Untitled #103, acrylic on panel.
Rebecca Perez -- Untitled, oil and mixed media.
Susan Reedy -- Graffito, mixed media. HONORABLE MENTION AWARD.
Cheryl Safren -- Rund 'n Rerund, mixed media.
Denise Segreti DiGiovanna -- Sea Life Series: Bat Star, oil.
George V. Sordoni -- Moments G, oil on canvas.
Kenneth Susynski -- Wedding Song, oil on canvas.
Lisa Tang Liu -- American Icons I: 492 Days, oil on canvas.
Grant Vetter -- Fair-Skinned, oil on canvas.
Rachael Wren -- Portent, oil on canvas.


Jon said...

Thanks for posting this to your blog...I also have a painting in this show but could not make it to the reception and was most curious as to the names of the other participants. And now, thanks to you, I do! Much appreciated. I agree with you about the honor of being selected.

Jon Leach

Pigmentia said...

Hi, Jon. If you have a website, I'd gladly link to it! Glad you found the list helpful!

Jon said...

That's very kind of you. Thanks again,


Pigmentia said...

No problem at all!