Friday, October 20, 2006

Got into another juried show!!! Woohoo!

I got accepted into another juried black and white photography show. This one is in Lowell at The Brush Gallery juried by Ron Rosenstock, who had studied under Minor White. When I dropped off the entries in person earlier this week, it was my second time ever visiting Lowell -- the first being the Dar Williams concert back in August. I was amazed at how beautiful Lowell is. The city really spent a lot of money reviving it. The art and culture there is really impressive.

The entry that was accepted was "View from Ladder" from the Anasazi Ruins series. When I took this image, it was a very significant moment for me, as I am deathly afraid of heights. This ladder was the top of a very long series of ladders that led to the cave dwellings of the Anasazis in what is now the Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. I almost chickened out of climbing the ladders, but my husband Ken coached me through it. And so, if it weren't for all his encouragement, this image would never have come into being.


KYL said...

Woohoo! Awesome news!

TheresNoTylerDurden said...

Congratulations! Love the photo. Hope to be able to see the collection and visit you guys at the Gallery soon.

take care,