Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursdays are supposed to be my day off, but I had been bad and had not actually taken Thursdays off for a while (been working from home, but nonetheless, working). But I made a bargain with Ken to take one day off per week so he would stop chewing on his fingers, and I had to keep my promise.

I can't say that I rested very much today, but I did manage to do a few admin things--namely shipping out some eBay auction items I sold and delivering my darkroom equipment that I also sold in Mission Hill. I also had to stop by Dick Blick, an art supply store near the area, to pick up another print rack. Our current print rack (on loan from Michael Seif) is getting overwhelmed with too many prints. Then I drove to Everett and picked up a new can of white paint for the second wall (we spackled and repainted the first wall--the white is so much better than that creme color). We're preparing for a reception with artist talks July 27. Lots of exciting new works. This Saturday, we are also going to be at a community picnic at the Brooks Estate, selling some prints and cards and promoting our reception on the 27.

I should also mention that I started painting again. I've been taking some painting lessons fairly often from Adele Travisano in her garden--a beautiful, unfettered place overgrown with weed and flowers wild and intentionally planted. I love Adele's expressionist style -- so much energy, so free, just like her garden. When I take lessons in the morning, I feel so much happier. Painting is such a different medium from photography. When you paint from something that's live in front of you, you have no limits of the depth of field that a camera superimposes. It makes you appreciate every petal in a flower because you have to look at it for so long.

I also did some more work trying to recruit more volunteers to help out at the Medford Arts Festival (September 9) for the Medford Arts Center, Inc. of which I am now a board member. I've taken on the task of recruiting volunteers. I have 4 so far, but we have time.

This Saturday, I'll set up at the Brook Estate and then Marc Gurton, my accountant/business manager, will take over for me -- he loves talking to people. In the afternoon, I'm going to head over to SandT's gallery artSPACE@16 in Malden. I can't say enough good things about SandT. She's such an inspiration to artists. This woman converted her home garage into a non-profit art gallery that received many critical acclaims -- including the Boston Globe and the WBUR website. Not only is she prolific, but she's so generous in her moral and PR support for other artists. Her new show features 60 artists--emerging and seasoned.

SandT is also the reason for Malden's burgeoning art scene. She was a main proponent for Malden's recent church conversion into an artist community/live-in studio.

I just get so energized just being around her.

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Joel P. said...

Lisa, even when you take a day off, it sounds like you are still working!